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Agatha Crusty and the pantomime poster murders copy.jpg

Agatha Crusty is back

Polegate Drama Group’s smash hit and 

audience favourite returns for her Fourth outing.


Arriving early for Giglinton’s Book Festival, Agatha meets the local drama group rehearsing their Pantomime. 


The eclectic cast suck her into the weird and wonderful world of rehearsals. Alan and Jessica shows her behind the scenes while Gloria fusses over the budget. The others, Emily, Nick, Juliet, Jack and Tracey continue to practice with Anton trying to steal the show. However murder haunts backstage and cast numbers soon dwindle. 

Agatha is distracted by over-eager Sue, her number one fan, and budding amateur sleuth. 

With more drama off than on stage, who is safe when nothing is as it seems? 


Can Agatha solve the mystery before the final curtain? 


Come and join us for the fourth Agatha Crusty instalment where comedy and murder walk hand in hand.

At Polegate Community centre  

Evening Performances 7:30pm  Saturday matinee 2:30pm

Tickets £10.00, Members & friends £9.00

Box Office at Polegate Community centre  & Archer & Partners Polegate High Street 

                      Call 01323 483348 (Archer & Partners)

or book online at 

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